Why Choose Incineration?

Disposal of solid wastes is a growing global problem for municipalities and industry. Various options are available to Reduce, Recycle and Reuse some portions of the waste stream. Efficient application of the three "R’s" can reduce the amount of disposable wastes and should be incorporated into any waste management plan. The remaining portion, however, must eventually be disposed of.

Proper disposal of medical and pathological waste creates additional concerns, which must be addressed.

The CONSUMAT® modular, controlled air incineration technology offers many benefits, including:

· CONSUMAT® modular, controlled air incineration, combined with energy recovery is, in fact, a cost effective method of recycling.

· CONSUMAT® modular, controlled air incineration of municipal and industrial wastes reduces the volume by approximately 90%, which decreases the necessity for new or expanded landfills.

· CONSUMAT® modular, controlled air Incineration technology is a mature, proven technology, not experimental.

· CONSUMAT® emission abatement technology to meet regulatory requirements is proven and readily available.

· CONSUMAT® regional municipal facilities located near the point of waste generation can; in fact, reduce the environmental impact of emissions from trucks used to transport wastes over long distances.

· CONSUMAT® systems for on-site destruction of wastes from hospitals and research facilities eliminates the inherent risks associated with transporting potentially infectious wastes to commercial facilities (many states away, in some instances).

· CONSUMAT® controlled air incineration renders the waste into a sterile, inert, ash residue.



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